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2018 Warblers on the Water

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Importance of Habitat

"Study after study has shown that habitat loss and degradation are the primary threats to healthy bird populations. Nothing Indigo Buntingelse comes close. That's why I am such a strong supporter of Saving Birds Thru Habitat and its programs that teach so many people how to improve habitats for birds." Dr. Gregory Butcher, International Migratory Species Coordinator, U.S. Forest Service.

Many spectacular migrating songbirds, like this Indigo Bunting - as well as others such as warblers, orioles and thrushes - are experiencing population declines. Most of these species depend on insects for at least part of their needs, and all must have insects to feed their young. By and large, native plants host those insects. It is the goal of Saving Birds Thru Habitat to improve habitat for these migrants, one backyard at a time. Check out our Habitat Hints page to learn more.

Grow a Bird Feeder Beaver Island Birding Trail

Saving Birds is a major partner for the Beaver Island Birding Trail.

Mission Statement

To protect, enhance and restore habitat for North American birds and
to educate people of all ages about this important mission and how to achieve it.

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